Cumulative Storytime

Such a big word to start off a new storytime session. Yet, everyone is familiar with a cumulative stories and songs. Cumulative means getting larger by adding more. Popular stories and songs include The Farmer and the Dell, The Green Grass Grew All Round and The House That Jack Built. Since our current season is winter, our cumulative stories featured cold and snowy themes. The First Day of Winter by Denise Fleming featured a wintery twist on the classic song Twelve Days of Christmas. Our other stories included a cold lady who swallowed some snow and an overstuffed mitten found in the woods. Between our tales, we danced to a List of Dances and The Twelve Days of Gym Class.

Thanks for joining us at storytime! If you missed Cumulative stories, here is an activity page to host your own storytime at home. Join us next week on Mondays with Miss Liz (10am or 6:30pm) or Tuesday with Miss Pippi (10am). See you in the storyroom!