Squirrels in Storytime!

Fall is a fabulous time of year! One critter who comes to mind during Autumn is the squirrel. We celebrated the wonderful antics of being a squirrel during storytime. We danced to a special squirrel song, wiggles our fingers to a squirrel fingerplay and read squirrely books! We started our stories with series called Backyard Wildlife. It gave us an understanding about what a squirrel is and what he (or she) does for a living. Next we read The Busy Little Squirrel and Acorns Everywhere! Our final critter book was from Lois Ehlert - Nuts to You!

After storytime, Miss Sharon from Banta shared a great craft with us. Together we all made squirrel puppets! Now we can act out all the stories we read during storytime. Thanks for joining our squirrely storytime!

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