Whoooo's @ Story Time?

Hey there library friends!  This week we learned all about owls with me, Miss Liz, and Dewey in story time on Monday!

Owls are pretty cool animals - they stay up all night long and sleep during the day!  Besides being nocturnal, they have big round eyes to help them see in the dark and claws on their toes to help them catch their food!  We read about a little lost owl, did an owl dance, and read about 3 little owls who got a little scared when their mom left to go hunt for their food!  After our story time, everyone got to make their own owl out of paper plates to fly along home with them!  Dewey and I ahd a great time with you all and we can't wait to see you again next week!  Check out the library's Flickr page for more photos of story time fun!

Drop in at the Children's Room on Monday at 10am and 6:30pm for stories with Dewey and I or on Tuesday morning at 10am for stories with Miss Pippi!  Have a great week!

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