Lovely Lighthouses

Lighthouses are amazing buildings constructed on islands, rocks and shorelines. They are built to keep people safe on sea and on land. We began storytime by sharing the world's first lighthouse - The Pharos in Alexandria, Egypt. Giant bonfires burned at the top of (an estimated) 407 ft tall building. Today's lighthouses no longer use bonfires, candles or oil lamps. Lighthouse keepers use electricity.  Sam and Rose kept a lighthouse for many years. When their lighthouse was torn down in a storm, they still shined a bright light so their Lighthouse Children could find them. Lightkeepers, children and boats aren't the only ones who see the light from a lighthouse. Many animals watch lighthouses too. We read a counting book all about Who Sees the Lighthouse.

Did you know? You and your family can see a lighthouse up close. Our sister city, Neenah has a lighthouse at Kimberly Point Park. More information about our local lighthouse can be found on the City of Neenah website.

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