Yes and No Storytime

The words yes and no contain few letters, but they mean so much! We use these words many times through the day. It's good to celebrate the everyday things. We started storytime with a big word to describe yes and no. Yes and no are antonyms. Antonyms is another word for opposites. We talked about different opposities like up & down along with fast & slow. Our world is full of antonyms. Our next book had two chapters. One chapter featured the word NO and the the second chapter featured the world YES.  We took a break from reading to sing and dance along with the song called No, No, No, No. We danced along with verses about jumping on the bed, playing baseball in the house and more! What a crazy song! We rested our bodies and read another no book - No Matter What. We follwed that lovely story with the song, "The Wonderful World of Yes." We called everyone around the world to ask how they said, "yes!" Finally, we ended with a fantastic book called Yes Day!

After storytime, our friend Miss Sharon shared a Yes and No craft with us. We had happy faces and sad faces. On our worksheet page, we decided which pictures were good choices and which choices were unsafe choices. We glued corresponding faces to each picture and colored the pictures on the page. It was a day for crafts!

Miss Pippi will return next week for another Tuesday Storytime session at 10am. Miss Liz will be on Monday at 10am an 6:30pm. We can't wait to see you at the library!

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