Amazing Autumn

Autumn is in the air, but surprise, surprise, it's not officially Autumn until Friday, September 23rd! We celebrated early, because we didn't want to miss the official date. Our storytime began with a Count Down to Fall. We discovered different leaves and animals on each page. Our next book featured a bear who discovered leaves. Leaves fall and don't come back up. After sleeping the winter away, the trees surprise him with a warm welcome. We took a short break to dance along with Laurie Berkner as she sang What Falls in the Fall?

Do you know what falls in the Fall? Rain falls. Temperature falls. Leaves fall! During our final story, we got to pick up the fallen leaves. We went on a leaf hunt and found four different leaves. We also climbed a mountain, walked through a dark forest, splashed through a waterfall and rowed across a lake. It was hard work, but we got it done!

After storytime, Miss Sharon shared an Autumn craft with us. We got to cover trees with Autumn colored leaves. Our friends made fabulous trees! Take a peek at crafttime and storytime, by stopping by our Flickr page.

Couldn't make it to storytime this week? That's okay, here is an activity page about Autumn for you. We'll have storytime next week at 10am & 6:30pm on Monday with Miss Liz and 10am on Tuesday with Miss Pippi. We'd love to see you at the library!

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