Food Around the World

On each continent in our world, people are eating food. They eat different food, because of the climate and location. Also different fruits and vegetables and grains grow in different parts of the world. We may be very different, but we enjoy many of the same foods, too. Bread is one of the world's favorite foods to eat. It comes in many forms. Another type of food that thousands of people eat each day is rice. People can cook rice hundreds of different ways. They can cook it for their dinner and even for their dessert! One of my favorite dessert foods is ice cream. What is your favorite dessert?

We had so much fun talking about food during storytime! If you missed our storytime last Monday, here is an activity page for you! (You can also enjoy it if you came to storytime.) Next week, Miss Liz will return for another great storytime at 10am on Monday. We can't wait to see you at the library!

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