Preschool Planters - Week One

On Monday, we began our special Preschool Planters storytime session called Let's Grow Garden Stories. We learned about seeds. Seeds are important, because plants grow from seeds. We plant the seeds in Spring and harvest during the sessions of Summer and Fall. People create many different kinds of gardens, but one little girl from Kevin Henkes' book My Garden grew a garden with candy!

It takes a lot of work to start a garden. You need to find seeds and find some dirt. Next you dig a hole in the dirt and plant the seeds. After covering the hole, you must water the seed, watch it grow and pull out any weeds. After watching and waiting, you'll be able to see what grows from the seed you planted. It's a very neat process.

It was too cold to plant anything outside on Monday.Instead of going outside we stayed inside and made flowers to take home. Check out the craft project on our Flickr page. We hope to have good weather next Monday and plant a secret garden at the library.

See you next Monday at 10am for more garden fun at the library!

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