Please Pass the Peas!

Mmm..yummy! Peas are a vegetables that grow in gardens. Garden have many beautiful colors. Peas are one of the green vegetables from the garden. Can you name another green vegetable? I can think of peppers, lettuce and beans. With the season of Spring starting to blossom, it is exciting to think about fresh fruit and vegetables.

During storytime we met Little Pea who only enjoy dessert and not his regular dinner food: candy. We also met the alphabet peas! They were busy little guys who loved to participate in numerous activities and careers. It was a fun day in storytime. During our dancing, we listened to one of our favorite singers - Tom Pease! We went bananas and grew some love one by one, two by two and four by four.

Next week is our last week of storytime! Come on over and see Miss Liz on Monday and Miss Pippi on Tuesday. If you're free in the afternoon this week, stop by at 1:30pm for great family programs! We can't wait to see you at the library!

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