Special Meeting Minutes - February 2, 2011




February 2, 2011



Call to order at 5:01 p.m. by President Enos

Present: Eisen, Enos, Murray, Werley, Wicihowski, Wisneski

Absent:  Brunette, Derouin

Also present: Director Saecker, K. Seefeldt (Administrative Assistant), Cate Brandt (Head of Circulation Services), Kathy Beson (Head of Children’s Services), Joe Bongers (Head of Adult & Technical Services)



Discussion/Action Items

  1. Options to explore which affect director hiring.  The pros and cons of merging with Neenah Public Library were thoroughly discussed. 


Motion to gather additional information regarding library consolidation by Werley, seconded by Enos.  A motion to postpone prevented further action being taken on this item.


Motion to postpone collection of data and further consideration of library consolidation until a new library director has been hired by Eisen, seconded by Wisneski.  The motion passed on a roll call vote with Eisen, Murray, Wicihowski and Wisneski voted aye and Werley and Enos voting nay.


  1. Update on hiring Interim Director.  Director Saecker recommended that the Board hire an interim director.  She encouraged the board to take adequate time in hiring a replacement director.  They were assured that there should be a good selection of candidates who may apply for this position. 


Motion to hire an interim director by Werley, seconded by Wicihowski and carried unanimously.


An Ad Hoc Interim Director Selection Committee, made up of Enos, Wisneski, Eisen and Director Saecker, was established.


President Enos will appoint an Ad Hoc Director Selection Committee.  Library Board members Werley and Wicihowski offered to serve on this committee along with Enos.  Members of the community, City government officials and one library staff member will be asked to participate as well.



Motion to adjourn the meeting at 5:40 p.m. by Eisen, seconded by Werley and carried unanimously.



Respectfully submitted,

Paul Eisen, Secretary

Kris Seefeldt, Recording Secretary

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