Wintery Water Turns to Ice

Many times in winter, water turns to ice. Ice can look beautiful, spectacular, scary and sparkily. Our friend Mole in Diamond in the Snow thought an icicle looked like a diamond. Mole wanted to take home his find, but something happened along the way. What do you think happened to his diamond icicle?

Our friend Mole isn't the only animal who enjoys water and ice. We read about a Jack Frost and Five Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice. Besides reading books about water and ice, we danced to the songs Goldfish  by Laurie Berkner and Wiggy Wiggles Freeze Dance by Hap Palmer. What a great day to be in the storytime! If you missed this week's storytime, here is an activity page to have your own storytime at home. Come back next week for more storytime fun with Miss Liz on Monday and Miss Pippi on Tuesday. See you soon!

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