Tuesday, June 28, between 1:00 and 4:30 in the main lower level meeting room.

Thursday, June 30, at 1:00pm -- in the lower level Activity Room

Monday, June 27 at 6:30pm.

Wednesday, June 29, at 1:30pm.


Audio picks for spring break!

Taking a spring break trip?  Check out our family audiobook picks:


Sago Mini Music Box

March's featured app in the Children's Room is the Sago Mini Music

Windy and Friends

February's featured app in the Children's Room is Windy & Friends!

In the Lobby

To Kill a Mockingbird. Students from Unleashed Homeschool Cooperative display art used as part of a book club discussion.

In the Circulation Area

View the prizes that teens and adults can win in this summer's reading program.  Win a Kindle!

Art Wall in June

Oil on canvas paintings and pastel creations from local artist Kelly Bunnell are on the art wall this month.

Highly Recommended

Two Great New Novels -- one the newest from Cathleen Schine, the other by Fredrik Backman.

Highly Recommended

The latest novel from popular Wisconsin author Jane Hamilton is The Excellent Lombards.

recommended for teens

American Ace by Marilyn Nelson
What really constitutes family? Is it just a person's DNA, or are there other factors? 

Propósitos 2016

Para cumplirlos y lograr mejores resultados tenemos en la coleccion libros, videos o revistas que puedan apoyar cada paso de

Película de Navidad

Videos para esta temporada estan exhibidos en una estantería especial cerca de los DVDs para adultos en frente del mesón de c

Libros de Cocina

En estas últimas semanas del año porque no celebrar con platos deliciosos.

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