Library Director - Position Description

Library Director Position Information

  1. Salary
    The Library Board has established a salary range for this position of $58,000 to $72,000 per year.
  2. Residency
    The Library Board wishes to encourage the Library Director to reside in the City of Menasha, so that the Director will: more easily become known in and a part of the community; be directly affected as a taxpayer by Library financial decisions; be served as a resident by the Library and other City Departments; be able to respond quickly to needs at the Library; and be perceived by local elected officials to be part of the community.

Library Director’s Job Description

  1. The Director is responsible for all aspects of library operations and functions, for advocating for the library at all times, and meeting the requirements of the Library Board, the community, the staff, and local and state government.
  2. Qualifications for the Directorship of the Library will be:
    1. Master's Degree in Library Science from a library school accredited by the American Library Association, and Wisconsin Grade I certification as provided under the Wisconsin Administrative Code, Sec. PL 6.03.
    2. Commitment to the mission and philosophy of public library service.
    3. Excellent leadership skills.
    4. Excellent communication, interpersonal and technology skills.
    5. Ability to work effectively with library trustees, elected officials and community groups.
    6. Ability to supervise and motivate library staff and volunteers.
    7. A minimum of five years of increasingly responsible professional library experience including significant administrative and supervisory responsibility.
    8. Possession of, or ability to obtain, an appropriate, valid driver’s license.
    9. Ability to work in dynamic library environment, including working with public.
    10. Physical Conditions – Essential and marginal functions may require maintaining physical condition necessary for sitting and/or standing for prolonged periods of time; moderate lifting and reaching.
    11. Ability to leverage cutting edge technology to keep library competitive.
    12. Experienced in seeking and obtaining philanthropic and public funding.
    13. Knowledge of foundations and management of endowment growth.
  3. Duties:
    1. Board Relations - The Director shall:
      1. Report to the Board, which has the legal responsibility for governing the library and hiring the library’s director.
      2. Organize and plan agendas for Board meetings in consultation with the President. Distribute agendas and support materials.
      3. Notify Board members of meetings and prepare appropriate public notices in compliance with Wisconsin Open Meetings Laws.
      4. Attend all Library Board or committee meetings except when officially excused by the President.
      5. Act as executive secretary to the Board.
      6. Prepare regular monthly reports and otherwise generally apprise the Board of significant activities, events, problems and concerns of the Library.
      7. Formulate and recommend policies for Board approval, and implement the same. 8.    Provide administrative support to the Board. 9.    Assist with and promote orientation and continuing education for Board members. 10. Develop the library budget and manage the library’s money.
    2. Planning - The Director shall:
      1. Continually evaluate the effectiveness of library services in relation to changing needs of the community and develop plans to meet those needs.
      2. Evaluate future needs for library services and resources to meet those needs.
      3. Prepare long-range plans for the library.
      4. Work for compliance with the Wisconsin Public Library standards.
    3. Finance - The Director shall:
      1. Prepare a draft annual budget for Board consideration and adoption.
      2. With the Board, present the budget to the Menasha City Council.
      3. Represent the library's budgetary interests to the Winnebago County Board.
      4. Make or supervise expenditures of library funds
      5. Prepare bills for approval by the Board at regular meetings and subsequent payment by the city.
      6. Prepare monthly and yearly financial reports on budget accounts, receipts, and endowment funds, and present an audit report to the Board.
      7. Prepare and send to the Division for Library Services the required annual report.
      8. Prepare an annual review of library insurance policies and recommendations for any changes.
    4. Personnel - The Director shall be responsible (some aspects may be delegated to supervising librarians) for all aspects of personnel management, including:
      1. Classification of staff positions and periodic revision of job descriptions.
      2. Recruitment and interviewing of candidates for positions.
      3. Responsible for employee hiring, firing, and promotions.
      4. Scheduling, organizing and supervising work operations.
      5. Establishment of work rules and regulations.
      6. Training and professional development of employees.
      7. Promotion of employee work satisfaction and general staff welfare.
      8. Preparation of annual evaluations of direct reports.
    5. Public and Patron Relations
      1. Advocate for and promote the library. Work with employees, library board, volunteers and library users as well as educational, literacy and literacy organizations.
      2. Work to establish effective communications through news releases, e-mail or print newsletters, blogs, web sites, etc.
      3. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with schools, agencies, civic and community groups, the general public and the news media.
      4. Represent the library at and speak before community, civic and other groups regarding the objectives and activities of the library.
      5. Participate as a member in appropriate civic or service organizations.
      6. Monitor public perceptions of the library and its services.
      7. Effectively address patron complaints and public criticism of the library.
      8. Ability to respond to the unique needs of the community as the demography dictates.
    6. Collections - Supervise selection, acquisition, and processing of library materials to meet public needs within the structure of library selection policies and budgetary limitations.
    7. Physical Facilities - Supervise housekeeping, maintenance and repair of building and grounds. These responsibilities are accomplished with the assistance of and through the Supervisor of City Buildings.
    8. Professional Development – Keep current in library trends. This includes, but is not limited to, participation in professional and other meetings as appropriate, membership in state and national library organizations and networking with regional libraries

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