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Books featuring our favorite prehistoric creatures:

Edwina the Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct by Mo Willems

Two-time Caldecott Honor winner and "New York Times" bestselling author Willems introduces a lovable new character--a dinosaur who plays with kids and bakes cookies. Reginald Von Hoobie-Doobie is determined to prove dinosaurs are extinct, but what will happen to Edwina if anyone believes him?

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Tea Rex by Molly Idle

Some tea parties are for grown-ups.  Some are for girls.  But this tea party is for a very special guest.  And it is important to follow some rules...like providing comfortable chairs, and good conversation, and yummy food.  But sometimes that is not enough for special guests, espeically when their manners are more Cretaceous than gracious.  Introducing Tea Rex, a guest that any child would love to have to tea!

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Dinotrux by Chris Gall

Millions of years ago, DINOTRUX ruled the earth! These mighty part-truck, part-dino creatures rumbled, plowed and bulldozed their way through the centuries, demolishing anything in their path.

From the nosy Craneosauraus and the mega-hungry Garbageadon to the bully of the jungle, Tyrannosaurus Trux, Chris Gall guides you on a safari through the wild world of these mechanical monstes of prehistoric times. So buckle up for the ride--you'll never look at Dad's rusty old pickup the same way again!

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