Besides our collections and programming, we offer a number of services for parents & families:

Library Cards

A library card is an invaluable resource for you and your family!  Kids can get their own library cards anytime after they are born.  A library card will give you free access to thousands of resources from books and magazines to music and movies.  To apply for a library card for yourself or your child, visit the Circulation Desk with an acceptable form of ID.

Ready, Checked, Go

Parents who have a library card may call the Children' s Info Desk to request a Ready, Checked, Go book pack for same-day pickup.  You can choose twenty chapter books, twenty picture books, or ten of each.  Parents can pick up their book pack at the Children's Info Desk all ready to go.  Books have a four week checkout period and the title list and due date will be in the bag.  Simply return all the books on or before the due date in the green bag to the Circulation or Children's Info Desk.  If a few books get into another pile and are returned separately in the library book drop, no problem, as long as all the books and the book bag are returned to the library.  If the library bag is not returned, the patron will have a two dollar charge on their library card.  Sorry, no DVDs, AV, title requests, or holds can be filled this way.  If you have any questions or would like to request a Ready, Checked, Go book pack, call the Children's Info Desk at 967-3670.


We have lots of book suggestions for you no matter what age level or subject you're looking for!  If you're in the library, stop at the desk and ask to see our booklist binders for preschool or school age readers.  You can also view & print selected booklists right here on our website by visiting the books section of our children's page.

Read Aloud Tips

"Kids Who Read Succeed" is more than just a slogan -- it's a fact! Studies have shown that reading and library use are key factors in a child's intellectual development. Those who read as children are more likely to enjoy the success and pleasure that come from making reading a lifelong activity. Getting an early start by reading aloud to young children is especially important.

*Half of a child's intellectual development occurs between birth and four years of age.

*Children who are read to from an early age tend to learn new sounds, increase their vocabularies and stretch their imaginations more than other children.

*According to the U.S. Department of Education study Becoming a Nation of Readers, "...reading to children is the most important thing parents can do to build the knowledge and skills eventually required for learning to read."

*Research by the National Academy on Education has shown that children who have been exposed to reading and other cultural experiences before they begin school have an overall better chance at success in formal learning.

Are you ready? Then here's how to have fun reading aloud to your child:

Read something you enjoy!

Start with shorter pieces and build to longer ones as your child's attention span increases.

Vary the length and subject matter of your readings.

Use sound effects and lots of expression. Don't be afraid to have fun.

Stop reading and do something else if your child is restless. Reading isn't always the preferred activity.

Have a back-up selection if your choice isn't appealing to your listener.

Keep good reading material on hand to encourage your child to read alone also.

Schedule a regular time for sharing books (after dinner, before bed), yet be flexible. Read as often as you and your child have time.

Visit us regularly to check out new books to read aloud. Talk to the children's librarian for suggestions on new and noteworthy books to share with your child.

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