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February 15th, 2015

February 8-14 is Read Off Your Fines Week in the Children's Room.

Kids in grades K - 5th grade can read off their fines from February 8-14 in the Children's Room.  Come in & stop at the Children's Info Desk to register to read off fines on kid's cards (sorry grownups!).  For every solid 15 minutes of reading you do here in the Children's Room, we'll erase $3.00 of fines.  This applies to fines on kid's cards only (no lost or damaged item fees).  If you have questions, call the Children's Desk at 967-3670. 

Miss Pippi
February 6th, 2015

Tuesday Story Time with Miss Pippi is back for February and March! During our first week of stories we talked about penguins. We learned that there are ten different kinds of penguins and we got to practice our counting skills as we counting penguins jumping into the water. We also read about a penguin that befriended a pinecone.

January 29th, 2015

Check out these family stories to go along with our Let it Snow: Read Winter Reading Program!

Need some book suggestions to help your kids check off your lists on our Let It Snow: Winter Reading Program booklets?  Check out these wintry titles from the Children's Room for the whole family:

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

January 26th, 2015

We wrapped up our Book Boogie story times this week with songs and stories.

January 23rd, 2015

Check out this week's Friday Find from the library stacks: graphic novel picture books!

These titles are all found in the picture book section, but are formatted like graphic novels making for a unique reading experience for you and your family:

Blackout by John Rocco


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