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Can You Read 40 Books?

It's the Forty Book Reading Challenge at Menasha Public Library!

Pippi's Printing Picks

School's out! Summer vacation is here!

We have a fantastic reading programs for everyone in the family - children (age 3-5th grade), teens and adults. We also have fantastic books to read, movies to watch and playaways to hear. If you're planning on a roadtrip this summer, I would recommend checking out some of our audio books. We have books on CD and playaways, which are books on their own MP3 player.

Here our a few Audio Picks that can be enjoyed by the whole family....

The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity: a Brixton Brothers Mystery by Mac Barnett - read by Arte Johnson

It is Steve Brixton's first case! Only he'd not a detective and he's not working for the bad guys. He just needs to finish his social studies report before Monday. Now he's on the run from...

Challenge Update #03

It's over, everyone! I hope you had a fantastic week of reading.

Challenge Update #02

I've tracked a total of rougly 8 hours complete.

Challenge Update #01

It's a great day to read! What books are you reading today?

Are You Up for the Challenge?

It's the 48-Hour Book Challenge sponsored by MotherReader! Get your books and star

Pippi's Printing Picks

Summer is just around the corner! School's out and our Summer Reading program begins. We have some great books to read! Here are a few exciting titles from our Fiction section in the Children's Room...

The Secret Zoo by Bryan Chick

Megan Nowicki lives beside the zoo. One night, she spies monkeys going over the zoo walls and jumping onto the rooftops of her neighborhood!  They jump from house to house, searching for something. Weeks later, Megan disappears. It's now up to Megan's brother and her friends to solve the mystery of the zoo.

Nelly the Monster Sitter: Grerks, Squurms & Water Greeps by Kes Gray

Nelly isn't your average baby sitter. She's a monster sitter! She loves them all - scaly, spiky or slimy. It's not easy, but Nelly is up to the challenge.

The Buddy Files series by Dori Hillestad Butler

The Case of the Lost Boy - Book #1

King is a Golden Retriever on a mission. He's out to find his missing family. Along the way, he gets a new family that calls him - Buddy! What's a dog to do? If that's not all, part of his new family goes missing! So many mysteries in so little time.

The Mysterious Mr. Spines series by Jason Lethcoe

Wings - Book #1

Edward Macleod has an itch. It's on his back and he can't reach it. The itching gets worse and suddenly he sprouts wings! His teacher, Whiplash Scruggs, is not pleased and tries to cut off his wings with scissors. Mr. Spines comes to the rescue, but who is Mr. Spines!


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