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Snow Day for You?

The librarians made it through the storm and the library is open today! We'd love to have you visit us today!

New Wall Display!

Family Spot is pleased to announce a new wall display in the Children's Room!

Leveling Resource Guide

Confused about reading levels? Scholastic is here to help!

Spot Some Dots!

Today's storytime theme revolved around spots and dots! Are you wearing spots or dots today? Yes? Congratulations! NO?

Pippi's Printing Picks

Last Wednesday, Miss Pippi got the opportunity to visit friends at After School Matters. What a grand day to visit friends!

Wintery Water Turns to Ice

Many times in winter, water turns to ice. Ice can look beautiful, spectacular, scary and sparkily.

Paws to Read a Good Book!

This week the Children's Room is celebrating, "Turn Off TV Week." Tonight, we're hosting Jack Zolkowski's Soda Pups!

We Need Your Help!

Do you have outdated maps, old atlases or globes collecting dust at your house? Put them to use at the library!

I Spy Graphic Novels!

Graphics Novels are books written in panels or comic-strip format.


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