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Lovely Lighthouses

Lighthouses are amazing buildings constructed on islands, rocks and shorelines.

Ghostly Reads

The Children's Room has new displays for the up-coming holidays!

Yes and No Storytime

The words yes and no contain few letters, but they mean so much! We use these words many times through the day.

Celebrate Books!

This year we're celebrating great books!

Lovely Llamas

Miss Liz and Dewey had a special guest for storytime this morning - Miss Pippi!

Amazing Autumn

Autumn is in the air, but surprise, surprise, it's not officially Autumn until Friday, September 23rd!

Pumpkin Fest is Coming!

We're bringing back Pumpkin Fest at Menasha Public Library! Mark your calendars for October 16th (a month from today)!

Fire Truck Daze!!

What a great visit to the Fire Department!

Fabulous Feet!

You have fabulous feet! They can run, jump, walk and skip. Feet are amazing!

Storytime is Coming!

Mark your calendars for the next eight weeks because storytime is coming to the Children's Room!


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